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R&D Center For Students

innovationShala is a research & development center for young people who are willing to take their STEM/STEAM learning to the next level for doing real innovations, solving global challenges, showcasing skills at international competitions and sharing knowledge with the community through rigorous mentoring of our outstanding mentors who are dedicated to not only teach skills, but mold the next generation of innovators.

Students’ Innovations

Check out recent innovative projects created by our students during current virtual program and competitions:

A2Z App

Lovely app to help children learn the alphabet with pictures and sounds, especially in lockdown when they cannot go to school due to COVID-19. 

Featured by MIT App Inventor as Most Creative Winner in App of the Month Challenge for June 2020.

Innovators: Yatharth(IV)


Amazing robot to help delivering daily essentials  (sanitizers and masks) to people in need, minimizing spread and exposure of COVID-19.

Bagged 51st Rank in the Robots to Rescue Onshape Challenge 2020.

Innovators: Pranshu(VII), Shivansh(X), Naman(IX), Shaurya(VIII), Arjav(IX)

Be aware, Keep others aware App

Lovely app to spread awareness and help stop the spreading of illness all over the world.

Featured by MIT App Inventor as Best Design Winner in Coronavirus App Challenge for May 2020.

Innovators: Aunam(VI)

Smart SwachhYaan

Friendly app/idea to reduce noise pollution as an Estimote beacon will be put in the garbage truck and as soon as the beacon placed inside the garbage truck comes in the range of 50 meters the user would be notified that the garbage truck in nearby. And people then people will not be disturbed by the noise pollution occured by the Garbage truck’s Horn

Innovators: Shubi(V), Navya(XI), Pooja(XII), Suhani(IX), Priyanshi().


Amazing app to help people to translate Ladakhi to English and vice versa.

Innovators: Rigzen(), Diksha(), Lakpa().

Cattle Rattle

Best app to help in controlling stray cattle menace by connecting people directly to cattle nuisance control authorities.

Innovators: Tanu(), Divya(), Deepika(), Riya(), Neetu().

Mind Controlled Farming Robot

An Creative Idea to help farmers who are aged, physically challenged or unable to do farming due to climatic conditions. Basic operations of Mind Controlled Farming Robot can be performed by passing attention values, eye blinking values using EEG Sensor put on brain.

Innovators: Md. Ghazi(), Yash Thukral()

Aarti Robot

The Aarti Robot is made up of EV3 and it can ring bell and move the artificial candles as well.The Robot can be given Command by buttons, Voice and Mind Controlling.

Innovators: Amica(), Aashka().

Many more…

innovations from previous offline programs and competitions will be updated very soon!

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